Digital works are reproduced as pigment prints on paper
or dye transfer on aluminum and are variable in size.

fabricated gold bloom, '16

fabricated turquoise bloom, '16

pavement pattern, yellow, '19

pavement pattern, orange, '19

pavement pattern, green, '19

pavement pattern, blue, '19

bark shapes, green, '15

bark shapes, orange, '15 

bark shapes, purple, '15

winter branches in 4 colors, '19

tree canopy shapes repeated, gray, '18, mural

tree canopy shapes repeated, purple, '18, mural

clouds and light pattern, dusk, '17

clouds and light pattern, dawn, '17

ocean and sky, mauve, 17, mural

ocean and sky, gray, '17, mural

irises in gold light, '17

irises in blue light, '17

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